equipments- Machinery and tooling for metrology
- Three dimensional measuring FARO-ARM
- X-ray machine, SRE-MAX 70-120 225 kV HP equipped with tomographic control (CT)
- Three dimensional measuring machine DEA GLOBAL SILVER 1200 x 950 x 800
- Optical emission spectrometer ARL
- Set of gauge blocks
- Marble Granite and cast
- Oven for performing simulations
- Digital gauges, digital height gauges and comparators
- Digital Micrometer interior and exterior
- Microscope 25x and 50x
- Games of gauges radius. Coating thickness gauge
- Thermography moulds
- Analysis of the microstructure
- Testing liquid Penetrant cracks (Crack test)
- External suppliers approved for tensile strength tests, salt spray chamber and other tests
- A software calibration of all equipment, secured by an implementation schedule along with the corresponding record