philosophieThe fundamentals on which FUNDICIONES MONFORT S.L. defines its project are:

- To offer to our clients our total collaboration in definition and solution of projects, taking on responsibility for all the productive phases, from the definition of the part, mould, production, surface finish up to the delivery to the client

- To dispose of the most advanced production technology to put and maintain our company in the forefront of technology

- Understanding that the basis of the company is the human factor, to favour internal promotion and training, to promote the delegation of responsibilities, confidence and absolute respect for the individual, valuing that people feel to be part of a common project and identify themselves with the values of the company

- R&D Investigation, development and putting in place of production and management systems that assure the continuous improvement of our products

- It is part of our company philosophy to be agile and react fast to demands from our customers or to modifications and to apply improvements in our processes from the original design of our products up to their serial production